Hi there. My name is Anna Cates, and InteractiveCats is the studio I've opened after about 13 years of designing anything and everything interactive. Now that we've officially met, let me tell you a little about what we do here.

In the words of Saul Bass, design is thinking made visual. In the words of Steve Jobs, design is how things work. We believe that design is about experiences and aim to integrate technology with design to create simple, usable and engaging experiences.
Design should be innovative, user friendly, professional, creative, smart and fun, but it also needs to live in the real world, answer business goals and work within constraints; it's our job to know the boundaries, to know when to break them, provide the best solution possible within those constraints and always learn.

Check out our latest project

HeyI.Am - a way to create your own personal branding site in 5 minutes. This one was actaully our own production and not a client work. This was a project that included everything: branding, social presence, web app, templates, site, UX, design & HTML. Our purpose was to create a dead simple way for people to make a site that will be flexible enough to show their personality, but not too flexible - so the design can remain looking professional and won't be too much work. With the option to import all the information from Linkedin, the user could have a site ready within few minutes. Feel free to check out the site with some of our users' comments & the UI itself; no sign up required!

How we work

Our clients range from big corporations to one-week old startups. They like us for the results, but more so for the process. Projects can take a while - we try to create real relationships based on mutual respect, honesty, the best service and fun.

Every project begins with a personal meeting where we discuss your goals, needs, timeframe, budget, technology and everything else needed for a proper kickoff. The next stage is user research, building the flow of the product and the wireframes. After that, we create the visual concept and finish with making sure the developers have everything they need to make the product pixel perfect.
Code can be delivered if needed and user testing can be planned out. Web, apps, presentations, newsletters, complicated dashboards with a lot of data or basic MVP's with instant branding and guerilla user testing - we can find solutions for every size of project.

Our specialty is in integrating UX, usability, design and technology. Our design is functional: with a lot of experience coding, we know how to work to make your developer's life easy without compromising on the design or the experience. Desktop, mobile, responsive and adaptive, jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap, Semantic UI or agile - we always live the latest tech and trends.